Thursday, 7 July 2011

Over There

The US fleet sets sail...

Cue photo...

And what is that in the background?

Well it had to be done.

While I await for my KR backpack, the interwebz has gone mad with the news that in Spain if you spend over a certain amount in GW shops, you can get rewarded by a free re-roll.

Given that Spain currently has @20% unemployment, and is the largest of the doddery economies that teeter on the brink of bringing down the Euro, I should have thought that the opportunity to have a second chance at an amour save - for those with the money to afford a hobby - would be a welcome distraction.

However, this being the interwebz, and American's being enormously parochial and paranoid nerd rage has spilled forth.

I have encountered the fallicious argument put forward by the protestors before. Apparantly the Patriots are concerned that if something happens in a small and insignificant place like Spain, then those playing in an enormously important place like, Peoria, will be forced to accept it.

Personally I was more offended at the notion that another of the rewards was the ability to jump the queue for the Forgeworld stand at Games Day Spain.

But then as I don't live in Spain - and have no intention of going there in the near future - it doesn't affect me either way.

And if it does become something that GW does more generally then good for them. Anything that brings more fun into the game is to be welcomed.


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