Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Hotness

The great thing about 1/3000th naval gaming is that the ships are quick to paint...

Cue the.... errrrrr..... photo....

All of the Japanese ships are now painted.

So now I have the American ships to paint and the little problem of how to mount the aircraft. Along with the ships I got a pack of Catalina's, and at 1/3000th the planes are small. After experimenting I have decided to mount them on a pin, but the problem is finding a drill small enough to drill out a hole that will make the mounting secure. I found some .2mm drill bits in a local shop, and will probably go with this solution.

The postman brought reinforcements for the Bolsheviks today, which was nice. Though it has potentially moved the Ogres a little further back in the painting queue.

I really should give them a little more love than I do, but with all the new models arriving, and my priority being to complete the French Napoleonics, they sit waiting on their sprues... no doubt whispering that time is passing and the new book will soon be here.


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