Monday, 11 July 2011

Bit on the Side

The Ogres progress...

Cue photo...

As we know, everyone on the internet is an expert on GW.

But I found myself wondering today about what the deal really is for those working for the company.

For instance, if you look on the Perry's website they describe their day job as working for Games Workshop. And then there is Aly Morrison who whilst working for Games Workshop has also found the time to knock out a range of World War One figures. Not to mention the interwebz 'man they love to hate' Jervis Johnson, found the time to lend a hand with Black Powder.

It is not uncommon in the wargames 'industry' that people work on a commision basis, so this might explain for instance why the Perry's have managed to knock out their own range of beatiful figures, and a large section of the Wargames Foundry range, whilst ostensibly working for Games Workshop.

I only mention it because it is a source of constant nerd rage on the winterwebz that GW don't bang out an army book every other week, and a new figure every day.

No doubt the nerd ragers would have a siezure. were to take their head out of their backside and find out what the people they believe have been slaving at the grindstone have been doing in their sparetime.....

peace :-)

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