Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Snap Happy

Having got tired of blurry photos, I have been reading the camera manual....

Cue over-exposed photo...

So that's divisional command painted.

And while I am getting snap happy with the camera, here is a picture of the army so far....

I've started work on the IJN by starting work on a couple of Fubuki destroyers.

But mainly I have been fiddling about in Word, having gone back to the idea of using cards for the game I am designing.

I want the cards to be mutifunctional. One function is to decide initative. I want them to drive events within the game, such as finding a cache of grain. Also control command points. The idea being that the player will have to make hard decisions based on the cards they hold, and there be an element of beggaring your neighbour.

And having obtained the formatted tables for Genral Quarters I suddenly saw how you could draw tables in Word to make the cards.

Now it is just a question of what to put on the cards.


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