Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Endless Scenarios

The problem with having a gap of over a year in a painting project is that you forget the various paint mixes you have used. Thus the Ogres have gone a wierd peppermint green colour. So I decided to paint some Bolsheviks....

Cue picture...

In an episode of the D6 Generation they discussed historical gaming, in a very odd manner. This in turn prompted Meeples and Miniatures to reply in an equally odd manner.

Rather than get into the whole issue, one of the points that the Meeples and Miniatures made was that playing historical games led him to reading history books, which in turn fed his hobby because it provided scenarios and ideas for games.

Having started collecting the Bolsheviks, originally to play Back of Beyond, I found myself looking around for figures. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a wally, I have fallen in love with the range of figures made by Pulp. Which led me to daydream about playing games of Bolsheviks against killer robots on South Sea Islands. However I also like the range of models offered by Renegade - particularly the British - which dragged me back toward the historical.... with t is true very little enthusiam.

Well that was until I googled the British intervention at Murmansk and Archangel.

The landing was the first example of ships and planes being used to bombard the defences in support of an amphibious landing. Then there was naval warfare along the rivers with monitors and gunboats supporting land operations. Before the armistace on the Western Front the Germans were training and possibly fighting alongside the Russians. Add to this numerous battles, militias, nationalists, mutineers and warlords and you have quite a heady mix for wargaming.

All of which is in contrast to my pre-concieved notions of the intervention in which not very much happened.

I found myself searching the web for model aircraft kits.

Right time to make some red flags...


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