Monday, 12 December 2011

Ogres Cheer as Jervis Errs

The Ogre FAQ has arrived.

And the internut has gone slightly nuts.

Firstly on account of this late insertion into the FAQ by Jervis Johnson...

"Designers Note: I have to hold my hands up for not spotting that
allowing a Butcher or Slaughtermaster to take an ironfist, would also
allow them to take magic armour. Allowing them access to magic
armour certainly wasn’t my intention, and it’s something we’ll
certainly fix when we do the next edition of the Ogre Kingdoms army
book. However, after much debate, we’ve decided that it does not
give the Ogres an unfair advantage, so we’ve decided to leave the
rule as it is written for the time being. That said, I’d personally
recommend that you avoid giving your Butchers and
Slaughtermasters magic armour – doing otherwise goes against the
spirit, if not the letter, of the rule."

Ok armoured Slaughtermasters are perhaps not very fluffy, but then Ogre armies without a Tyrant are not very fluffy either, and there are plenty of those around these days.

It remains to be seen if the change is made in the next book.

The other change is that the Greedy Fist can be used for ranged attacks.

Which instantly sent people in search of ways to exploit this. And rather than reaching the conclusion that the designer would perhaps of intended us to reach, that it should be given to the Hunter, the preferred conclusion was to give the Slaughtermaster Death Magic to target and castrate the enemy mages.

If this was the intention then it is a great way to balance out the armies. Ogres are particularly vulnerable to Purple Sun and Pit of Shades, so, it may be argued, that to give them some powerful anti-magic is sensible. But let's face it, Jervis has already admitted that he made a cock up in giving Butcher a +6 armour save, how likely is it that he really thought this through?

The result is that the rush is on to find the best way to incorporate DeathFist/Hellheart and a scroll into lists.

Stand by for outraged sewer dwellers arguing about comp.

As for the notion that Ogre players should play to the spirit of the rules, I find it rather laughable. For years they have played an army that was hamstrung by the pointless limitations within the army book, facing armies with that smashed them in the magic phase, with shooting that was as likely to kill them as the enemy, why shouldn't Ogre players finally get the chance to play like everyone else?


After yesterday's game I had a chat with a competative player, who is in the process of building an Ogre army. And I was struck by his observation that the new toys are great, but the strength of the army lies in the units they have always had.

This is something that people have overlooked when raging about Ogres being the new bandwagon, having overpowered items etc.

I have certainly took this approach when considering lists. Essentially my thinking is twofold, how do I keep my core infantry alive, in strength, to get them into combat turn 3? And how to keep the characters alive. The best way in my opinion is to use the toys and chaff as distraction. Obviously in yesterday's game, an Ironblaster or two would have been useful in getting rid of the Bell, which would have saved me three rounds of combat.

We will have to see how this all plays out.

Amusingly, I noticed the ultimate bandwagon jumper netlisters I know is moaning that the Ogres are a bandwagon he missed jumping.


btw - I was very pleased to note that the lists the other player is working on, whilst having similarity to my own, are also sufficiently different to show the variety and strength within the Ogre book. Instead of Jervis complaining about his percieved error, he should be patting himself on the back for not only producing a well balanced book, but improving it in the FAQ.

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