Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fighting One Handed

I have arranged a game at the local club for tomorrow.... WOOT.

And it is a double WOOT, as my Ogre toys arrived today; four Mournfangs, two Ironblasters, and a Butcher.

Being an old school player, they will not be seeing action tomorrow as I have standards, and playing with unpainted models is a no, no, in my book. Another annoyance was that the Finecast Butcher was perfect, not a single blemish... I suppose I could complain and get another one, but... as I say I have standards.

It was interesting to see the Finecast version of a model that I already own in metal. And it does have to be said that the detail is crisper, and more defined.

So I spent the afternoon glueing together the Mournfangs, with the 'help' of my three year old. The kit is really nice, even if the feet are rather confusing to fit on the legs. In two hours, we managed to get two mournfangs and one rider built... three year olds don't really understand the concept of not squeezing the tube of glue, and we swept quite a bit of time crawling around under the table searching for various bits which fell off the model due to 'play'. Still it was a fun way to spent a couple of hours - even if he did then beat me at Frustration... grrrrrrr.

Tomorrows game is against Skaven.

I have cobbled together a list with a level 4 as the general, who will be bunkered in a 10 strong unit of Iron Guts carring the banner of swiftness, and hopefully protected by the BSB carrying the Rune Maw. It will perhaps not surprise you that I have given the Level 4 Hellheart.

This unit is supported by two units of 6 Bulls, some sniping Maneaters and a unit of 4 Leadbelchers, and a Firebelly, with three units of trapper gnoblars providing the chaff.

Oh and two Gorgers are lurking on the sidelines.

Yeah not a great list, but it is what I have painted, and I want just want to see how they play.

Frankly I have no real plan.

We shall see.


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