Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ironblaster Madness

Here's something with will cause apoplexy among certain sections of the interwez...

Cue picture....

I've highlighted the base coat, now they need inking.

So Ironblasters...

In the space of three months Ogres have gone from being an army that in some comp systems required extra points to make them competative, to the hysterics hate army of choice.

Supposedly they can shoot better than anyone, their cannon are the most accurate, the cavalry is unstoppable, their magic defence kills the magic phase... etc, etc...

It is certainly interesting to compare the overblown reaction the Ogres have recieved to the two previous army books; Tomb Kings and Orcs and Goblins. The general consensus is that both of those books are pretty ordinary - despite Tomb Kings winning The Throne of Skulls - and whilst it is true that the TTOS is not the tournament that it once was, in terms of filfth, the principle behind the winning list has application in list building going foward.

Yet somehow the Ogres have gained a reputation for being a power army.

Ok, I have praised the army book for it's flexibility - which was inevitable with the removal of the pointless limitations - and I am certainly very happy with the army now, compared to what it was. But honestly, people really need to get things into perspective.

Take for instance the claim about the Leadbelchers being better at shooting than Wood Elves.

6 Leadbelchers have the same footprint as 24 Glade Guard. Both can move and shoot, both have strength 4 shooting. Yet the Wood Elves have BS 4 against the Leadbelcher's 3. The Leadbelchers tactical footprint is more easier to manouvre, and have all figures fire. However the Glade Guard will always get 24 shots. The Leadbelchers will get between 6 and 36. Yes you get a unit that can also fight but the fighting is irrelevant to the arguement is about shooting.

Are they really comparable?

I'm not going to criticise either unit, but it's apples and pears. Particularly when all of the units they are compared to are core, and the Leadelchers are Special. Which implies they are elite.

The primary targets for the hysterical haters are Deathfist, Hellheart, double Ironblaster, and 3 units of 4 Mournfang.

Yes it is pretty scarey.

Add when you add the core, and keeping in mind the two characters are naked bar the itmes needed to do the tricks, this army is going to be easily over 2000 points. You will maybe get a BSB, some chaff and another unit. Maybe you will get lucky - and luck will play a big part in the game - and not get shafted by the current Shadow magic meta. But honestly is this so scarey?

If this were any other army maybe people would have a case, as the chances are you would be able to pack in all these toys and still have a sizable army.

But with Ogres, you have to take a hard decision, take one - maybe two - and try to make them work.

It is already comped.


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