Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hu, hu...

It seems the missus has been gossiping at the school gates.

Yesterday I went to the eldest's nativity play, and afterwards this bloke, who I vaguely recognise came up and introduced himself, and said that he had heard I was a wargamer. It turns out the area is somewhat of a hotbed of wargamers. And we agreed to meet up and have a game... yadda yadda...

What amused me was the curl of the lip that greeted my admission that I played Warhammer.

And to be fair it was the same lip curl I used to give back in the day when I was a hard core historical gamer. So it's nice that some things don't change.


I have been putting together the Ogre toys I got at the weekend. The Mournfang are a bit weird looking. I'm not saying that I don't like the kit, it's just the head and tusks are a bit... well weird. The Ironblaster on the other hand is the dogs doodah. The last time I saw a model kit that excited me this much was probably the Aurora Banana Splits buggy back in the seventies... or maybe the Airfix 1/32nd Bamboo house.

BOOOOOOOM, hu, hu...

The Ogre FAQ, after the intial row, has kind of settled down. The chicken licken in me can't believe that the Deathfist won't be FAQ'd to exclude magic. Yet despite the best efforts of the rule lawyers to define the word 'hits' as singular, and people getting confused with the idea that the Greedy Fist is not a melee weapon but a talisman, which is why you can use it for 'ranged attack' when they can't use a magic sword, it appears that it is just accepted that Ogres can do this.

However, what surprises me is the snootiness and general nuttiness of those that argue that Death is not a good Lore for the Ogres, and that the Maw is better.

Quite how they can know this is not clear to me. The book has been out for two months people are just getting used to playing with it, and experimenting with the new lores. So for anyone to make these assumptions is pretty daft.

The Lore of the Maw is fine. But I do wonder if there was not the restriction meaning that one Butcher in the army had to have it, any Ogre player would take it. Beasts does what the Maw does but cheaper. If you are running a shooty army Heavens is better. And Death, especially with the Fist, allows Ogres to join the meta game of the big spell - I realise the big spell of the Maw is pretty similar to Purple Sun, but it is not in the same league.

My guess is that those that advocate the Maw and the no armour on the Butcher ruling, are doing so because they keep the Ogres more controllable. At the moment the 'big' spell to stop is regen, I rather like the idea of people letting regen go because they want to save their dice and scroll to stop their mage being FISTED, hu, hu...

The Butcher restriction is no where near as annoying as the pointless restrictions of the old book, but it would be nice if the designer would just let Ogres build the army they want.


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