Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Deathfist Has Always been the Ogre Style

I've been working on my Ironblasters....

Cue picture...

One of the things that surprises me in the to-and-fro concerning the Hellheart is why it has never come up before.

The Hellheart was in the previous book, it's effects were pretty much the same - if anything they were worse, especially if you rolled a 1 on the miscast result. And yet suddenly it is a problem.

The answer is fairly obvious. Because of the restrictions - pointless limitations - there was no room for it in the lsit. And there were other ways of getting magic defence - most of which have been removed from the new book.

Given the nature of Ogre magic, and the history of magic defence, it is obvious that they have been designed with as a magically defensive army. The 'mistake' in the FAQ concerning Deathfisting only adds to this background and seems less and less like a mistake than a design choice.

Which makes the uproar all the more silly.


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