Monday, 19 December 2011

Back in the Saddle

I've done some more work on the Mournfangs...

Cue picture...

It took me ages to work out why they all have patches of bare flesh on the shoulders. It was only when I was skimming through the book that I noticed that the Ogre control them by hitting them with their clubs.

I have been thinking about yesterday's game.

As I said yesterday, it was one of the best games I have played in ages. Perhaps the cynical might suggest that it was because I was on the winning side. And partly that may be true, if one considers the way in which we won. But frankly, I am less concerned by the out come. My enjoyment was that the game had the feel, imo, of what a Napoleonic battle should be.

But ultimately it was a game that was played in the gentlemanly manner suggested by the rules. Which is good, as wargaming can all too easily get far too serious and competative. Maybe it is the inbuilt friction of the rules which helps.


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