Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Empire Expands

I notice Warlord have bought Immortal Miniatures.

It's obviously a sound move for Warlord as they continue to promote their Hail Ceasar ruleset. And if it means more plastic ancients figures, that this is good also.

Though I do find myself wondering how long the love affair with Warlord will last as they follow the business strategy of the embrionic Citadel/GW?

I noticed a sewer dweller suggesting that the new Rorke's Drift! battle set! (not sure why they need the exclamation marks) was designed to be used with Black Powder rules. Which made me wonder about the institutionalised nature of many gamers.

Obviously you could use the Black Powder rules for such an action but I'm pretty sure that you would be left cursing Warlord for selling you a £30 ruleset that was ill suited to the game.

Still if you are dumb enough to believe that you have to buy your rules and figures fromt he same company, then it is your look out.



  1. Certainly Black Powder would be ill suited to Rorke's Drift as a battle, but the rules suit the larger colonial engagements of the period. The problem is as you infer with the modern GW led gaming pyschology to silo rules and figure ranges exclusively together. Rorke's Drift cries out for a blend of skirmish game and seige which Black Powder is wholly unsuited too; and to my mind the Zulu's would be best represented as umpire controlled with several players instead working as a team on the British side....

  2. There's an old rule set called Soldiers of the Queen, that I think was published by TTG, that I used to like.

    It played in a similar manner to your suggestion, the players played the imperial troops and the enemy was randomly generated. I'm not sure how it would sclae for smaller scale actions, but I did provide me with one of my favourite ever games.

    Though given what you get in the box, it would be equally suited to some kind of role play.