Friday, 9 December 2011

It'll Soon Be Christmas

Don't tell my eldest lad...

But I know that he and mummy bought me Island of Blood today.

He's only three and he had clearly been told not to say anything to daddy about the present. When he got back from shopping he burst in, in his usual fashion, and announced that he hadn't bought any soldiers because they were too expensive. Under teasing questioning later, he refused to wilt. And despite displaying all the telltale signals of lying, he refused to admit that he had bought any soldiers.

According to the missus he was very proud to be buying daddies present. And very carefully carried the box - which is not much smaller than him - to the till. Where he informed the cashier, "this is my daddy's christmas present. It's full of soldiers."


While this cherubic scene was occuring, his younger brother was smearing his head with Sudocream....

Oh the joys of parenthood!


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