Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Whine At All Chance

You have to have some Redcoats...
I'm rather intrigued as to what Dave Witek said that was so bad that the end of the latest Garagehammer podcast was cut. The explanation was that he went on a rant about WAAC players - and there may or may not be a clue in that the lead in to the deletion was a discussion about the raffle prizes at Waaarghpaca, in which he was complaining about some of the prizes.

And it would seem that all is not sweetness and light on the US Masters forum. 'Murican wargamers arguing on the interwebz who would have guessed?

Then on BoLS Brent threw a hand grenade by bringing up the supposed division between 'competative' gamers and 'fluffy' players - and widening it to bring in the Beliebers of Warmachine. Which is rather odd because this 'hot topic' has not been much under discusssion on BoLS lately - in part due to Escalation/Dataslates/40k being broken/GW confirming the preferred style of play is laisse faire (i.e. fluff) - and the discussions flipping arse-about-face with the 'competitive' crowd demanding restrictions.

Which should indicate that my sermon for the day is on the subject of WAAC...

But instead, what interested me more was Franco the Speedy Marrufo's experience at an Escalation tournament on 40k Global.

I'll leave you to listen to the discussion, but what struck me was that his conclusion was the opposite to the wisdom of the internet. Far from Super Heavies being a force that will wipe out everything in their path, a standard power build 'competative' list is able to cope with them - by his account with a little more luck on the dice he would have won both games. The games in which Super Heavies Godzilla'd off against each other appear to have been brief affairs - with the players left hanging around for two hours waiting for everyone else to finish their games. Which led me to conclude that far from Escalation changing the 'meta' radically, the net effect is to give players the same risk/reward equation as someone building a 'net-list' and playing another 'net-list'.


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