Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Scarlet Pimpernel

It's been a quiet day on the painting front.

Other than undercoating some PSC Americans, I have been mainly reorganising my storage and trying to rationalise the figures I have and intend to use. In typical wargamer fashion I have four projects on the go, and none of them are really in a state to play the game that was intended when the project began. True I probably could play CoC with the WWII stuff, except the US don't have any heavy weapons - something that should be rectified shortly as my birthday is approaching.

In other gaming related news, I have been trying to find a venue for the club, and continuing in my advertising efforts. And, in doing so I have rediscovered the joys of Twitter. I haven't used it since the Arab Spring business, when I found it an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with what was really going on, as opposed to what the media reported. Which I realise makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, but when the news is reporting what a reporter can see at the end of the runway in Italy, and via twitter and various websites, you can track the refuelling planes aiding a stealth bomber raid coming from the US to bomb Libya, it's sort of difficult to believe the news when they tell you it has been a quiet day in the air campaign.

Whether it's the brevity of the medium, or the demographics of the user, twitter has proven a useful way of getting in contact with people to gauge their opinion of the idea of having a gaming club in Ilkley. And what's more a number of women have expressed interest.... OMG.... women at a gamer's club!!! Whatever next?

Meh, what can you do?

Right I have a figure for the painting competition tomorrow, and it's off to Lumb Lane - wish me luck - having lived in that part of Bradford for five years - including the era of the crossbow killer, prostitute murders and a couple of shootings - I am hoping for less than eventful journey, with a convivial evening sandwiched in between.


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