Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nazi Dino Wars

Some more support weapons for the US...
While I was painting them a piece a synchronicity happened because I was mulling over organizing an event to promote the Ilkley Gamers Club when a tweet popped up regarding a craft fair to raise money for the local school, Ashlands.

'Aha', I thought 'what if I work out some dead simple game involving US soldiers fighting Dinosaurs? And charge a small fee to play, to cover the cost of the Haribos you win for killing the beasties?' And in the meantime, hand out cards with the various links and websites.

Sprinkle in the odd tank or two, maybe some Nazi's - who have obviously created the Dinosaurs - and maybe some packs of Top Trumps...

Speaking of Top Trumps, I notice that you can now get a Bolt Action deck. I wonder if they have the correct weapon ranges, or do the rifles all have a maximum range of @160 feet?


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