Saturday, 22 February 2014

Losing, Winning, and Unobserved Elegance

The WWII project is back on the front burner....
Last night I went to Bradford Games Society.

My entry in the painting competition came in last place... lol...

But on the bright side I got to play Small World, which is a game I have wanted to play for a long time. And I won... w00t.... with a grand total of 98 points.

On the way home I amused myself by reading reviews of Chain of Command on my phone. This amusement was greatly increased when I read a review that complained that there was no morale system - this was in addition to a number of over pointless complaints, the main one being that Chain of Command was not Bolt Action.

Note, the morale system is built into the shock mechanics, the addition or removal of which, gives you an organic morale system that means as your troops get panicky they move less, fight worse and generally prepare to run away.


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