Monday, 10 February 2014

The Sinner Reformed

Some more British...
I had somewhat of an epiphany today listening to Jaded Gamercast and the Overlords.

Both are podcasts I enjoy.

Today Jaded Gamercast today were discussing the Dwarves, and engaging in what might be described as their typical anti-GW ranting. Which is fine. Everything is overpriced, better alternatives are available, etc and then they got to talking about how they hadn't played a GW game in forever.

The Overlords by contrast were discussing what they had learned from playing Tyranids and discussing lists, and tactics, and were generally positive about the game.

Which made me wonder how much of the negativity pulsating in and around 'the hobby' is generated by people who once played GW games, but no longer do.

I'm as guilty of this as anyone. I haven't bought anything from GW for ages. I have the excuse that I am and always have been primarily interested in historical gaming. And in truth part of the reason for my lack of purchases is price. Not specifically the price to buy the models, which while high is not unreasonable. My issue concerns the resale price of the models.

If I buy and paint historical models, I can expect to sell them for appreciably more than I paid for the unpainted model. If I buy and paint GW models, the resale value is nil - no matter the quality of the paint job - the best you can really expect is to make your money back, and perhaps 10%.


Leaving that aside....

It is interesting to compare the podcasts that have a positive attitude to GW gaming - Independent Characters, Garagehammer, The Overlords - with those that don't. In general, they are less tournament focused, play and promote varied games, have a strong focus on the hobby aspects of the game, and deal with the game as they find it, rather than wishlisting.

In short they play the game in the manner GW intends.

They also tend to be narrowly focused within the 'GW hobby'. Being either unaware, or uninterested, in the wider gaming experience. Whereas Jaded Gamercast has moved onto Spartan Games, and like many people who make the move outside of GW games, they perhaps gain a certain perspective that sees the GW 'community' in a slightly absurd light.


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