Thursday, 27 February 2014

Family Games

With the half term holidays, comes chicken pox.

Which offered the chance to break out the figures and play a game of Chain of Command with my eldest lad.

He choose the Americans because they had more figures, whilst I played the Germans.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but the long and the short of it was that the game was decided on my choice to overwatch a squad, so that they could pour everything into a squad that was trying to take cover behind a hedge. They managed to pin the squad, and despite the efforts of the senior commanders to get them moving again, eventually the squad broke, sweeping away the platoon sergeant and the .30cal.

At which point we called it a day.

I was very pleased with how the rules played. The lad picked up the basics pretty quickly, he's nearly six, and was enjoying the game until things went against him. At which point he tried to bring his Lego Castle prison wagon to his aid - at which point it all became a little like the Lego Movie. Especially when I went for a cigar prior to clearing away and watched him playing with the figures and the scenery.

With the money my mum gave me for my birthday I bought Bang!.

Originally I was a little worried because I didn't notice until I got home that the game is for 4-7 players. But we have been playing it with three - the youngest is not yet old enough - and having a great time.

What could be more healthy than a family shooting each other, or playing pass the parcel with a stick of dynamite?


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