Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Battling on Two Fronts

A temporary ink shortage brought the Sudan production line to a halt...
But the British keep on coming.

The process has somewhat speeded up, as I have skipped the highlight stage, instead opting for using a very thin single colour coat over heavily inked white primer- which kind of does the same job - and on these smaller scale figures doesn't really affect the finished model.

In other news the advertising efforts continue apace to try and drum up interest in establishing a gaming club in Ilkley. The word is starting to spread, and with it the inevitable problems. Ok, in the great scheme of things they aren't problems, and in a sense are to be expected in a hobby with the stereotype of 'mom's basement'. But I did smile at the criticism of not giving contact details, when I have set up a facebook page, a forum, a blog, and now a twitter account, and advertised all of them.

But what can you do? No one said it would be easy.... well ok.... I have said a number of times that it would be easy, but we needn't go into that now... and it was in a completely different context..

One thing I am very mindful of is not pushing one aspect of gaming/gaming culture more than any other. One of the great problems of gaming is the compartmentalisation  of various groups, which were they to mix - or more accurately be given the chance to mix - would find they have much in common and could learn from each other - even if that does sound overly preachy, and rather like a Coke advert, but you know what I mean.

I remain hopeful that somehow the various divergent groups that I either know, or suspect, are active within the town, can come together to form an vibrant club. After all someone is buying the wargame figures in Boyes.


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  1. I like your posts.... Any joy on forming a club to serve the Ilkley area?
    I'm interested in playing counter / hex wargames but will try other games.