Monday, 27 February 2012

More Spanish Ulcers

I have finished the painting on the French Napoleonic infantry unit...

Just the inking and basing to do. Then there is one more unit to do and the French army will be complete.

The first of the Crossley trucks has always been done...

Which brings me to the new army, the Napoleonic Spanish.

I have discussed me thinking on the army on this blog before, and ironically my slight change of plan has been brought about by a similar consideration that led to the original Spanish army beeing in such a state when the war began - money.

Having priced up the figures, I have decided to pull in my horns slightly on my original plans. The principle behind the army remains the same, using unit size instead of special rules to produce fickle troops, bloated commands to promote military inefficiency and lack of cavalry and artillery to make the troops over reliant on bravery - all of which I feel will represent the Spanish well.


I have begun recruiting the troops, and as I type they are making their way through the mountains to drive out.... ahem.... they are making their way through the postal system.


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