Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Moithering On

Occasionally I pop over to the Warlord forums to see what is going on with Black Powder.

I have to admit that my heart sinks whenever I do so. The first cause of dismay is the chatter about producing a book of army lists. And, the second is people chipping and chirping about rules questions. What makes this depressing is that the two are pretty linked. Which is a shame. Not least because it will not be long before numpties start organising Black Powder tournaments, and what should be a mildly competative game played between gentlemen becomes subject to 'modern' wargaming culture.


I have found myself making the kind of web searches that usually indicate a new project.

Ok, I still have some more things that I want to get for the RCW - and maybe even a new faction - but increasing I find myself looking for information on the Spanish armies in the Peninsula War.

Now obviously the Spanish forces in the Peninsula do not have a great reputation. But the thing that has always puzzled me is that this perception doesn't entirely match the facts. No one argues that the French army were composed of poor soldiers because of the Battle of Baylen. No one claims the French officers were terrible because the supply broke down, or their men were in terrible shape. And given the political situation and recent history, it is highly likely that the recorded views of the British toward their Spanish allies - and vice versa - is highly likely to be clouded.

And the one thing that cannot be denied is that the Spanish managed to maintain forces in the field, and continue fighting despite having no central government. The standardised answer is to state this was only possible because of the actions of the guerillas, the length of the French supply lines, the terrain, and the huge numbers of French troops tied down by civilian actions. All of which may be true. But it doesn't explain how armies were kept in the field without a central treasury, commiseriate, etc.

I'm sure there are those that will come up with complicated explanations to these points, and I am equally sure I dont give a monkeys if they do. Because the question I am exploring is there must be a way of creating a Spanish force that represents the actual Spanish fighting capacity beyond giving them the unreliable special rule.


One of the joys of blogging is having a traffic counter. It is interesting to see where people viewing the site live. It is equally interesting to see what brought them to the site.

What I don't understand is why people in the wee small hours of the soul turn to google and go looking for "elven butt sex" or "28mm Vikings in stockings" or whatever.


I have been working on the next unit of French infantry. Only two more after this one, yay :).


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