Thursday, 16 February 2012

From the Horses Mouth

I regularly listen to the D6 Generation.

Episodes 91 and 92 are my two favourite episodes because of the interviews with Ed Stark and Randall Bills. Regular readers will know of my dislike for 'internet wisdom' and these two interviews do much to blow away any number of myths. The snippet that sticks in my mind is that back in the 1980/90's German Battletech conventions had 5000 attendees. Of course this is overlooked in the 'community' because they speak 'foreign'.


An ex-Gw employee has surfaced on Reddit for a chat.

Personally I found what the chap had to say rather interesting.

For instance the price of GW products is determined by the goblin index. The more important a figure is deemed to be in an army, the higher the price. Which explains why you can buy 6 Ogre Bulls for less than 3 Vampire Big Ghoul things. But doesn't explain the price of Yhetees.

Of course the reaction has been usual entitlement, instant gratification nonsense. Which was to be expected. However what makes it amusing is that those doing the whining clearly haven't read what has been said.

It is a common complaint that GW doesn't listen to what people say online. The ex-employee clearly states that they do - and every interview I have seen or heard confirm this - but uses the case of Blood Bowl as an example of the company listening to the interwebz doing what they asked (re-releasing the game) and making a boob by doing so. Yet without the slightest hint of irony the whiners ignore this and continue on with their ceaseless pointless groaning.

While it is true that I am not planning on spending any money at present on GW products, and don't really have much of a desire to have a game of Warhammer at the moment. I have to say that I was pleased with what the chap had to say, and in a sense it restored the faith I have in the company.


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