Monday, 20 February 2012

A Fool Thinking

After the latest round of clearing out my wargames stuff via ebay, I am now in a dilemma of what to buy.

Some of the money will obviously go on the Napoleonic Spanish. For the time being it will probably only be for the regular units of the first brigade.

And some of it will go to KR multicase.

But the big question is how spend the rest.

Having tried out the basic rules yesterday I have more idea of the strengths and weknesses of the two forces. Obviously when the more advanced elements of the rules get factored in like smoke, off table support, aircraft etc, my veiws on the balance of the forces will perhaps change.

I guess ultimately it comes down to a question of what you imagined when you started out ona project.

For the British force my vision was to create a force that was effectively at the cutting edge of military technology. Thus going forward I am looking to give them mobility in the form of Matchbox Crossley's - my daily hunt around the charity shops today drew a blank except for an an omnitrix that my eldest son is delighted with - give them more support in the form of a three gun Vickers battery and some mortars and ultimately a tank.

For the Bolsheviks my vision includes cavalry and an armoured train. My search for the latter has been greatly helped by the discovery of a Chinese made kids train set that is perfect for conversion and is a fraction of the cost of buying the equivilent in O guage - anyone who thinks that wargaming is an expensive hobby, should look at the costs involved in model railways. Part of me wants to include some more machine guns into the force but I am thinking this will maybe make the Bolsheviks too powerful, especially in games involving armoured cars and trains.

However being a wargamer, and never being content to have one unfinished army when you can have two, I have been looking at and costing out a white Finish army. The new Shattered Empires range from Scheltrum is just too tempting. I rather like the idea of mixing the Copplestone partisans and ragged Russians, with the Scheltrum armed civilians, with Renegade Austrians and giving them a shattering of Germans.

All of which takes me way over the ammount I have received from ebay...


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