Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bad Show

I'm slowly working through another unit of French Napoleonics.

Other than that I have been buying vehicles on ebay for the RCW project. So far I have got 5 Crossley trucks and Vauxhall staff car, for about the same price as I would pay for a single resin lorry from say Sloppy Jalopy.

I notice the Anthony Spiers controversy is making it's way around the interwebz.

The basics of the story is that at Sheffield Slaughter he ended up having to play against his brother in the last game. By all accounts it was a rather bad tempered affair. Which ended with Anthony docking his brother two points for bad sportsmanship, which cost his brother the tournament.

This was initially reported on Heelenhammer - Dan Heelan won the tournament, and was playing on the next table. It appears that Anthony took umbridge at the way the matter was reported, perhaps due to the comments of co-presenter Wayne Kemp, who pointed out that this was not the first time that such things had happened, and that if he was drawn against Mr Spiers in tournament he would refuse to play the game as it would be two hours of his life he would never get back.

And indeed this appears to be the opinion of more than just Mr Kemp, as others have said much the same thing on various forums and podcasts - not least from his brother who declared on the Og Games forum that he was never having anything to do with brother again.

Then the story took a bizarre twist, with claims that Anthony Spiers had threatened to take legal action against Heelenhammer and Bad Dice. Though it appears that no action has been forcoming. Instead Heelenhammer have agreed to read out a statement giving his side of the story.

The irony is that after causing so much bad feeling, and cost his brother a tournament win, Anthony appears to have returned to Australia, leaving his brother Andy in thew awkward position of playing games and trying to organise events with the very people that his charming brother has threatened to sue.

Which brings me to this rather curious take on events.

As my Gran used to say when a game of Snap was getting out of hand, "it's only a game, you're not playing for a row of houses."


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