Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reading Rules

So that's 48 British infantry on sanded bases.

I have been thinking about the game on Sunday.

There were numerous things in the game that have been bugging me. So I went back to the rule book. Now I wouldn't say my opponent was cheating but comparing what occured with the rules does rather suggest that a certain laxity was being used. And it wasn't one or two occasions, I checked up on eight things.

Of course it is my fault for not knowing the rules as thoroughly as I should at the time, and it is a case of live and learn. But I do wonder about the competative nature of WFB. Its partly why I am reluctant to suggest a campaign at the club, as there is a very definite overly competative edge to the way WFB is played and my idea is for a rather more fun series of linked games.

Changing the subject, I have ordered Through the Mud and the Blood. I went for the hardback copy, so I can read it in the bath. As part of the deal I recieved a PDF copy of Triumphant Standards, which has a number of scenarios for the interwar period. I've had a quick read through and am very pleased with what I have read; proper old style wargaming.


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