Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Bed for the Old Battalion

Oh well...

I mentioned yesterday that I had completed another 10 British infantry for the RCW project. I shouldn't have counted my chickens, for as I applied the finishing touches with Dullcote, all my work disappeared under a coating of frosting.

So the models are currently lying in a Dettol bath.

The devils makes work for idle hands, so rather than give him an opportunity I have contined making terrain.

You'll see from the picture that I have been experimenting with wiring the barbed wire. I'm rather pleased with the results, which will obviously be improved with painting. Two have been completed, and I have another 14 to do.

Wire was not such a factor in the east as it was in the west, so 16 stands should be enough for the time being.

16 bases is 4 feet.

The cost is probably about a seven quid, so it can't be bad.



  1. And that is why, I paint on my varnish still!

  2. Oh I paint on the varnish, I just like the finish dullcote gives. I shall have to get the liquid version in future.

  3. The "frosting" is caused by spraying in too much humidity. I have seen success in waiting a few days and spraying again under better conditions. The new coat "heats" the previous coat enough to melt it, and it all blends together and dries clear. Worth a shot.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I will keep it in mind.

    Normally I drench the frosted section with more varnish. The problem is that dullcote is not acrylic based.

    I guess the lesson is not to spray at a window in a warm kitchen through which freezing cold midnight air is blowing. Oh and don't skimp on the spray, as I was trying to do teeny tiny sprays, which is simply an invitation to overwhelm the model with propellent.