Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Heading Back East

Having finished my Ogres - well until I can lay my hands on some more Leadbelchers - I have turned my mind back to the Russian Civil War.

Cue photo...

It's an odd thing coming back to a project, how often questions that you had suddenly fall into place. For instance for the time being I have put the rules I was writing on the back burner, and instead will use Through the Mud and the Blood by Too Fat Lardies. And while I was doing some virtual window shopping it occured to me that I really don't need a whole lot of new figures. I have a platoon of Bolsheviks, and a platoon of British.

Oddly enough I reached this realisation while working out how I could spend even more money.

The local branch of Boyes has a wargaming section which includes Warlord, Gripping Beast, Perry's, GW, Plastic Soldier Company, Flames of War - and some other stuff. Whenever I go into town I always stop and have a look. The other day while musing about what I would like to buy - Victrix French Revolutionary infantry, to convert them to Spanish in case you were wondering - that I remembered my teenage years when I collected 15mm ancients and 7 years war, and wished that I could afford a 25mm (as they were then) army.

The two armies I dreamed of were a French Napoleonic army and a Republican Roman Legion.

Well I now have the French army - or I will have when I get my finger out and paint the some 200 figures that are laying around. And truth be told I don't really want to get ito ancients at the moment - well ok that is a lie, because I do, but I honestly can't decide what army I want. I still like Republican Romans, but I also like Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Medieval Spanish, Mongols, and Persians.

Perhaps the problem is that in the current climate I really don't know what rules I would prefer.


I had a look in the cupboard and found the last squad of Bolsheviks and as I had nothing else to paint I decided to get on with them.

Of course being a wargamer, I went in search of what I could buy and found this.

Cool or what?

Plus I found a European distributor for the excellent Pulp miniatures and Company B. Plus I finally got round to buying a couple of cas of Dullcote.

In fact all the little niggles that brought the project to a grinding halt, have resolved themselves. So it's full steam ahead.


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  1. Jez, if you go 'ancients' it's locally a choice of where you want to go for opponents, Headingley is hardcore DBMM in 15mm, the Wednesday club rarely plays Warhammer, Impetus and Hail Caesar, and the Nightowls are Hail Caesar fans.

    Of course if you go with Dark ages you could start with Saga sized forces and work your way up to a full army....