Friday, 27 January 2012

Exciting News

At last the Napoleonic infantry are done...

Well maybe not done as there is still the highlighting of the white to do and the bases.

I found myself getting rather excited by the news that Two Fat Lardies has begun work on a set of Dark Age rules. I was especially excited by the information in that blog post about the leadership mechanics as I rather like the idea of making my heroes give inspiration speaches before the battle in order ot inspire his men... or failing that giving them some fighting beer.

Quite whether this news gets me excited enough to dip my toe back in the waters of Ancients wargaming remains to be seen.

Though I half suspect it will.

Oh and I have been allowed out to play on Sunday. It remains to be seen if anyone bites at my offer of a WWII Pacific battle. If not there is always Warhammer....


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