Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Not GW Bashing

I was in a hardwear shop yesterday and I noticed some tile spacers, 'Oh, they'd make some perfect chevaux de fris,' I thought.

Which is perhaps a sign that I am getting terrain making frenzy.

The last time I had it was when I was making Orks. The difference is that this time around I have actually build a rifle pit, a sentry post and 16 bases of barbed wire, whereas when I got it with the Orks I built.... nothing really.

Walking home I reflected on this. The conclusion I reached was that the culture of GW gaming doesn't really encourage that kind of creativity. Which may seem a bit hard, but I can't remember ever seeing a table for a GW game that made me go 'Wow' - outside of Warhammer World and the incredible tables at French Games Day. Indeed terrain in GW games often appears to be treated like a necessary evil. The classic absurdity being the Chimera on top of the building.

But I'd rather not get into GW bashing, as I like their games and there's far too many people on the interwebz knocking the company as it is.

Apart from that, I have been working on a some more Napoleonic figures.

Oh, going back to GW.

I realise people complain at the prices but I while I was on my shopping trip yesterday I was in Boyes and having a look at the Wargames stuff. An old woman was standing next to me. She picked up a FoW US armoured platoon, and asked me what was in it. I turned the box around and showed her the picture on the back. "You don't get much for your money do you?" was her observation. To which I replied, "you get what you pay for."

Not that it will cut much ice with the instant gratification crowd - but then nothing will.

36 Napoleonic figures take a lot of painting...


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