Friday, 18 November 2011


I enjoyed these videos...

In a sense the tactics being employed by the Ogre general exemplified the tactical puzzle with which I have been wrestling, as he was giving away the charge, ignoring the movement potential, and falling into the trap of not treating the Ogres as a finese army.

Perhaps I am thinking about things to much, I gott up at three in the morning to scuttle to my army book because I suddenly came up with a brilliant tactic in the middle of the night. It turned out that the suicide Maneater tactic I had come up was unviable as the minimum unit size is 3, and not the 2 I imagined, so my plan of charging them forward with stubborn and swiftstride to challenge out characters and hold up units - and maybe stop a magic phase or two - isn't worth it: at 110 points maybe, at 160 points, I want the unit to do.

But the more I have gone looking for chaff, the more pleased I am with the book.

I have pretty much decided that a block of Ironguts and 2 Ironblasters are going to be the basis of most armies that I built, but in order to use these effectively you need a lot of chaff in order to make the most effective use of the deployment phase.

Units of 10 gnoblars are ideal for this, especially if some of them are given the trapper special rule. Add in the single sabre tusks, and you can get 10 deployments for about 250 points. Which in most games is more than enough to allow for the optimal deployment of you main fighting units. And true these units are not going to do much in terms of winning a game, but they do make good redirectors, mage hunters, distractors etc.

A unit that has caught my attention today are the Yhettees.

In part it was due to reading the fluff about the Battle of the Blizzard. And I realise the unit has recieved almost universal mocking because of it being immune to ice magic in the old edition - like who uses ice magic? - but one of the tactical problems I have been wrestling with is the the need to have a unit that can take out small units, engage the enemy battle line early, and not cost a lot. Obviously this is why I was wondering about the suicide Maneaters.

Ok they have the flammable rule - surely someone at GW should look at the prinicple of thermo-dynamics when considering this rules - but even that is in some senses an advantage. If a wizard is shooting a fireball at them, they are wasting power dice that could be batter employed against the rest of the army. It also suggests that they are considering them on a par with Treekin - which in a sense they are.



  1. Ouch, charged by 3 chariots! He would better have fled I think.

  2. Indeed or to have manouvred to give him the charge...

  3. I mean, if he didn't move forward with the mournfangs he probably wouldn't be in range, eh? He could also have dispelled with 5 dice instead of using a scroll but I guess he was playing safe.