Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lubed Up and Enough Already

Gav Thorpe entered the Overlords Room 40001 and highlighted an issue that bugs me.

"My uber unit, piled into his cannon fodder and raped them."

Really? Raped them?

Add this to references to butt sex, lube, etc and it soon becomes clear that America has a very dubious relationship with sex and violence - violence good, sex bad - and their neurotic standards are spreading via the sewers of human filfth... a.k.a internet forums.

I'm not talking about the jokey home-erotic banter in some of my favourite podcasts - Life After the Cover Save or Pointhammered - but the whole macho bullshit that appears to not understand how socially inappropriate it is to use the word rape in the context of a game of toy soldiers.

(These terms have clearly become jargon within the hobby, and I have to say that was highly amused at the posh chap from the Imps who, William Hague stylee wore his baseball cap backwards, got down with the kids and raped and sodomised his way through the ToS)(btw, it is a sign of how the linguistic tick began in America that people with posh English accents sound ludicrous using such terms - other examples being cool, groovy, whatever...)

Still the Gav Thorpe interview was interesting, and a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of a breath of fresh air, I happened across the rumour about contingents.

Like every gamer I am occasionally subject to grey plastic disease... and it's related syndrome current army/project boredom.

The idea that instead of having to spend the time and effort starting a completely new army, you can start a smaller side project, is very appealing. As is the hope that the contingents will follow the path of similar projects in the past of growing into full blown armies.

The chance of GW releasing a Cathay army in one go, is pretty slim. However - and I realise that Cathay is not one of the armies mentioned - there is a better chance that if the insectoids take off, that they might grow into an army of the Maw, which will then attract Chinese dragons, Four Horse Chariots, Rocketeers, etc.

On a similar subject, I noticed this on the Chance of Gaming podcast.

Someone - namely the Army Collector - has compared the points cost of the same army from 1998 and today, and discovered that a 1991 point Space Marine list is now only worth 1265 points. And further that a Dwarf list that used to be worth 1928 points is now worth 1606 points.

As expected this led the discussion on TMP in the direction of GW the evil empire, price gouging etc.

Yet actually there is a very practicle reason for this - as Gav Thorpe pointed out of the Overlords - the number one request GW recieved was for bigger battles with more troops.

The company can either keep the points the same and encourage people to play larger point games. Or fiddle with the points to allow existing players to cram that bit extra into their list, whilst keeping the points level at an attainable level for people either starting a new army or new to the game.

I realise that perhaps smaller point games is the answer, but let's face it, if you have got the figures, you want to get them on the table.

Still sense and reason is not going to change the paranoid delusional mind of those who see GW as a conspiracy - speaking of paranoid delusions...... viola.


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