Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Beastmen Monsters? Best in the Game...

Still no sign of the Ogre FAQ.

I have sent my letter to Father Christmas, a couple of Ironblasters and a couple of boxes of Mournfang cavalry, so I should be in a position to start playing again in the new year when the models are painted - and to experiment with the list.

I managed to reign in a slight case of grey plastic fever provoked by the release of the new Beastmen monsters. Indeed the infection led me to crack open an excel workbook and fiddle around with a few lists. The fever subsided when I calculated the cost of the chariots I was proposing. Which led me to put off further exploration, until such time as a reasonably priced plastic kit came out - or I won the lottery.

Which is another way of saying I didn't think the monsters were that bad.

Or the beastmen in general, I was particularly impressed with the magic options. True there is a distinct lack of shooting in the army, and the leadership is pretty weak. But I found myself thinking that actually the monsters were pretty good, with the proviso that you can hide them early in the game.

Which led me to thinking that perhaps using the monsters as ambushers might be a good idea. For instance a Jabberslythe coming on late in a game near to units outside the BSB bubble would be very handy, making them take leadership tests and possibly run.

Now obviously the the counter to this is that to do such a thing is to potentially waste a large number of points, and leave the rest of the army out numbered - (and it may well be that monsters can't ambush (I didn't check)) but it strikes me that monsters come into their own in the second half the battle when the blocks have been ground down. The problem in the early game is finding somewhere to hide them from cannons and shooting.

The Beastmen appear to have an army specific rule that does this perfectly.

Right back to peering through the letterbox and pressing refresh on the computer.


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