Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gnoblar Love

I didn't manage to get up.... so I didn't go to the club....

However when I did wake up, I did so with the thought "18 Bulls is @500 points... that's not bad."

Sad I know.

And yes I know it is more like 600, than 500... but rather than go through the whole phalanx debate again....

I have been pondering instead the question of gnoblars.

And more specifically trappers.

My inital thought on the matter was to have 4 units of 10 gnoblars, two of which had trappers, and to use them to psych out the enemy whilst playing a refused flank. The problem is that in the units with trappers the gnoblars effectively become 5 points a model. Add to this that they are more than likely going to fail any panic tests they have to take, and the whole 'trick' relies upon the enemy charging and losing one or two models to a dangerous terrain test.

Which made me think about using them in ranked units.

48 gnoblars, with a muso, standard and trapper, is 165 points - which sounds a lot, indeed it is 5 Bulls with ironfists. But it is still 8 ranks, which will take some chewing through, it still has sharpstuff, it still has the potential dangerous terrain test, and it has the added bonus that no one cares if it runs away. Give it +1S, +1T, and regen from magic and suddenly it has even more potential as a speed bump.

The CR res alone is going to see off chariots, small cav units, etc.

Which led me to come up with this list...

Slaughter Master - lvl 4, Crown of command, thiefstone.
Bruiser BSB
12 Bulls, with muso, standard, iron fist.
10 gnoblars, trapper
10 gnoblars, trapper
10 gnoblars, trapper
10 gnoblars
48 gnoblars, trapper, muso, standard
3 Leadbelchers
2 Mournfangs
2 Mournfangs
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk
1 Ironblaster
1 Ironblaster

2000 points

That's 13 deployments - 6 of which are totally throwaway.

Plus by careful placement of the chaff, two thirds of the table can be effectively march blocked, allowing the striking force of fighting troops to fall on the flank. And as the chaff costs about 250 points, if the enemy decides to chase it off they are never going to get their points back, and will never make it to the main battle.

Obviously ignore that this list cannot kill anything ethereal.

And obviously ignore that it will change as I decide that 18 bulls at @600 points is to good a thing to pass up... or the Mournfangs should go for the +2 save and not be used as pseudo chariots.... or that I need more Leadbelchers (which is something I very much doubt)....


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