Friday, 25 November 2011

Suck On This

The Vampire army book has been removed from the GW website.

Which appears to confirm the rumours that the new book is coming in January.

In some senses this is the biggest test yet of the moves to rebalance the game that appear implicit in the 8th edition army books. Obviously there will be some movement in points, and maybe some tweeking of the stats, but the big question, and the one that the GW designers have to address if they are to get this right, is what magic items will be cut and which remain.

My guess would be Dreadlance, Blood Drinker, Flayed Hauberk, Helm of Commandment, Talisman of Lycni, Rod of Flaming Death, Carstein Ring, Wristbands of Black Gold, Skull Staff, Book of Arkhan and Black Periapt, with the banners being Drakenhof, Dead legion and Barrows.

The wishlisting on the internut is along the lines of wanting skeletons and zombies improved in their fighting abilities. Which may or may not be needed. But hopefully GW will acknowledge that in fact the core of the VC is undercosted, due to the ability to raise more troops, and either leave things alone, or increase the points.

Still we shall see when the new book arrives.

Hopefully there will be a massive uproar that the army has been nerfed.

As it will be a sign that a) the army hasn't and b) GW really are serious about balancing 8th edition, and the baleful days in which the designers competed with each other to make the cheesiest army book are over.



  1. Good point about the cost of skeletons and zombies perhaps not reflecting well the ability to create more (lots more!) over the course of a game.

  2. New VC is good news for me. I always liked the aesthetics of the army. I was even painting some models for a friend because I liked them so much.

    I hope the core units shift from ghouls (that I am not very fond of modelwise) to skellies and zombies.