Friday, 13 August 2010

You Fail - Move On

I know if you don't like magic 'GO AND PLAY WAB'.

But what is it with people who fetishise magic and 8th edition?

The new magic deck in 8th has been ramped up, but that is balanced out by the rules for winds of magic, miscasts, and my own personal favourite rule Not Enough Energy and Broken Concentration.

Ever since 8th came out rather than just accept that magic has been balanced out people have been trying to get back to the broken, predictable and boring magic that eventually destroyed 7th.

GW have even had to go so far FAQ the bleeding obvious that you can't use ward saves to avoid miscasts.

And it only seems to occur in relation to magic.

You don't get any of these attempts at 'cheating' in relation to movement, combat, morale - ok there are issues with all rounds of the game - but nothing like the politics of magic.

I mention this because what is so difficult about the reality in 8th that if you roll a 1 or 2 then that is the end of the magic phase for that caster?

The solution is simple - throw more dice.


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