Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hokey Kooky List Building

Due to parenting, and visitors, and life in general I have made next to no headway with my Ogres.

I have managed a couple of hours fiddling around with the gnoblars for my scrappies, but it doesn't really amount to much. And as is the way with things during a project, I have found my mind wandering to other projects, and specifically building a list for my Orks - perhaps as displacement for actually just breaking open the paints and getting on with things.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have christened my Orks the 17th Heavy Breakthrough Brigade - and in an even earlier post that my buying was less than efficient, meaning that I am now in position of having to go on a spending spree in order to get a force that even vaguely matches my sense of what I want the unit to look like.

The core of the army is simple, it's your bog standard 2 units of 30 Boys with a Nob with a Power Klaw - I went slugger and chopper because it's more Orky.

But it's the rest of the army that bugs me.

I realise I shouldn't complain, because this arguably demonstrates how well the Ork Codex is written - and I am not complaining, simply tearing my hair out trying to work out what I should buy when I place my next order (and yes I should get on and finish the ogres first).

It seems that everytime I look through the book I find new things that I like. And it might be because I have started thinking like an Ork - which might have something to do with parental sleep deprivation - i.e not entirely logically or rationally.

Here's an example.

As I mentioned before I have nine bikers modelled for max wound allocation abuse as nobs (I did this because I wanted to get the army to the table as quick as possible, not because I am a power player/min maxer/or whatever). It's a nice unit, but it's 700 points. If you have that and the 2 units of boyz, you pretty much have nothing else. So I started fiddling with lists in which one unit was a 4 nob biker squad with a warboss and the other was just 4 standard bikers. Which then got me worrying about morale. So I came up with the cunning plan of having 20 stormboyz, lots of bikes, and getting all giddy at the prospect of first turn charges and attacking in waves. But then I decided against the stormboyz because I couldn't make them troops and I only had one HQ in the list. So I was going through the book again, after deciding that Dreds and Kanz was the way to go, and I happened to notice Wazdakka Gutsmek and got very excited until I worked out that I was back facing the basic problem with Orks, that the HQ's are just so expensive - I can have 12 burnas or Lootas for the price of Wazdakka Gutsmek.

This wouldn't be the case if they had transport options for the HQ - which obviously Wazdakka has.

For instance in the Dred list, that I think I will go with, there is Mek with a KFF, he's 100 points which is perfect - have him, the two units of boyz, that's @600 points, which leaves room for lot's of 100 point units - which is perfect to fit the fluff of a brigade - and is my idea of an Ork army. But I want him in a Trukk, which means I have to have some Nobz, at which point you start fiddling about kitting them out, and adding Pain Boyz and Cyborg Bodies etc.

But I guess this is something all Ork players face - indeed all armies face.

Still this list building and puzzle solving does give me something to think about when I am pinned to the settee by a 7 week old, for whom the slightest movement of the arm is the differnce between an hour of sleep and an hour walking around trying to get him back to sleep.


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