Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Careful What You Say

My current favourite podcast is Chance of Gaming

You probably shouldn't listen to it if you kids are about, but it is certainly informative on a number of topics. It is perhaps no coincidence that it was one of the few podcasts to even mention the Battlefoam v Outrider Hobbies court case - perhaps because they are about the only podcast that hasn't taken the Battlefoam shilling.

For those interested, Living Dice have the details of the case, and of the ruling. The case isn't actually over - which you will discover if you listen to the interview - but it is a triumph for the little guy, seeing as Bryan of Outrider Hobbies had to defend himself in order not to go bankrupt.


Chance of Gaming has an interview with Bryan with Outrider Hobbies.

Still at least all those gamers who bought into the Battlefoam vision can rest assured that their hard earned money is not being wasted on spurious legal actions funded by over priced products.

It's odd how people jump up and down at GW pricing, and GW waving the IP hammer, yet have nothing to say over matters like this.

Oh and Outrider are now sponsoring Chance of Gaming.


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