Thursday, 12 August 2010

Forum Awards - I Didn't Say That Catagory

I must admit to giggling at this thread on the Warhammer Forum.

It's a shame that it got locked as it had the potential to develop into one of the truely greats of it's genre.

The line that particularly tickles me is this:

"Again I totaly agree, however again that's not what I said. The OP specificaly asked if people would have a problem with his idea, I would, hence why I said as much. And in point of fact, you always need an opponents permission to play him at all, so asking permission to use something unusual is not just common courtsey, its nessasary."

Not only is it pompous but in it's pomposity it completely misses the irony of stating the blooming obvious.

What a marvellous idea that there are gamers sneaking into garages, cellars, attics, church halls and spare bedrooms around the world to play people without their permission.

And thank the Lord for valiant forum warriors who are willing to stand up and point out that this is just plain unsporting.

Who knows perhaps this explains those signatures where people claim to have played 109 games, won 106, drawn 2 and lost 1.


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