Thursday, 5 August 2010

More Plastics Please

There is supposed to be a change of policy from GW, in which they are fcusing more on figures and less on books.

How official this change is, is not clear. Discussion tends to be on forums that trade in rumours, and it's pretty much I heard it from a bloke who heard it from a red shirt.

If it is true, I for one am quite excited.

This excitement is focused more on my Orks than my Ogres, because I really want some new buggies - preferably in a box of three and sold for £27. I don't care if they are smaller than the previous model, all I want is for GW to do with the buggies what they have done with the Killa Kans - oh and make sure their is a rocket launcher option in the kit.

I understand entirely why they work the schedule as they do - holding back figures to be released with the book, but that only really goes so far.

The Dark Eldar is a case in point. The book is so old, that it really doesn't matter much that they stick the big launch schedule. In fact it will probably work to their advantage. The army will be the flavour of the month - after all who doesn't want a bunch of drug crazed psychos with Dark Lances totting up the VPs with every kill?

But for every codex/army book that has lingered too long on the back burner - there is the Demon Prince, that has skulked in the warp of the pages of WD and fuelled endless rumour threads for more than two years, and has finally deigned to make an appearance.

As an old grognard, who back in the day sneered at D&D types for not playing a proper game like 6th edition ancients, I never thought I would see the day when I was happy to have plastic models. But if this change brings about the day when GW have an entire range of plastics across all the armies then so much the better. And if it also means that these plastics come out without a book then so be it.

Obviously the books are nice to have. And it is exciting to get a new set of special rules, or equipment. But personally I don't think WFB needs an new books at the moment, while players are settling down with the new rules - and it certainly doesn't need the books to do to the game what the army books did to 7th.

Ok there is an argument for Tomb Kings, and as an Ogre player I wouldn't mind a book without pointless restrictions, but I would rather have plastic butchers, gorgers, a scraplauncher kit with instructions...


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