Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I've been working on my Orks.

Don't worry, I haven't been doing anything silly or dramatic like painting them. Instead I have been trying to work out a list that I like; and then looking through what I already have in order to see what I want to buy and where I want to take the army.

My problem is the Nob Bikerz

I really like the unit, and really like the idea of having a War Boss in a small unit of them. But conceptually I find myself defining the army as a reconnaisance force.

I don't have a problem per se with this.

It's just that I have always had the name, '17th Heavy Breathrough Brigade' in my head when thinking about and painting the army.

Of course there is no reason a reconnaisance unit should not be a breakthrough unit - as opposed to a lightly armed intelligence finding unit - but my ideal is to create a unit akin to the Russian anti-tank units at the battle of Kursk, with large blocks of infantry providing the backbone. Which in turn leads me towards kustom mega blaster Killa Kan squadrons and into the realm of spending money to get stuff I don't have - and ultimately away from Nob Bikerz.

But they just look so nice...


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  1. That is a cool name you've picked out, and considering the size of Nob Bikerz and their rides, I think it would still work fine if you included some of those guys in your Breakthrough army. And if you want your army to be themed as a reconnaissance group, ultimately they're still orks. Reconnaissance in force seems like a very Orky approach to me. Good luck working out these questions for yourself, it's neat to get a glimpse into how other people think about and plan their armies... thanks!