Sunday, 25 July 2010

Seeing Through The Long Grass

The internut is awash with lamentations about the new terrain in 8th edition.

The gripes boil down to bascially two moans.

The first is that woods and hills no longer block LoS - or more precisely the woods and hills currently being used, and the GW woods and hills in particular, don't block LoS. And the second is the way in which the new chaotic terrain works in 8th.

My hunch is that is simply new system nerves, and that given time people will come up with terrain that gets around the currently catatonic paralysis.

Though I also have a hunch that in fact the moaning demostrates nothing so much as that the new rules are actually working as intended.

The gripes about hills and woods demostrate nothing more than in 7th these were pretty much the only terrain - apart from open ground - that was commonly used. And the game had developed, and the terrain deployment rules actually encouraged, into a formalised battlefield in which terrain was pushed to the sides, except for the standard hill in the deployment zone of armies using warmachines.

In short terrain playing very little part in game - except in a totally weird way with the infinitely high hill.

Now suddenly players have to consider how to use terrian to their advantage - or indeed don't have their tactical plan completely ruined by the terrain.

In short the new game is a genuine test of generalship, in a way that 7th just wasn't.


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