Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Actively Lazy

I haven't been doing much the past few weeks.

In part this is due to the adictive nature of Empire Total War, and in part because I am in a post coital stupor having bought all the figures for my Ogre Army.

It's always a bit of a let down for a gamer when you have finished scanning your army book, writing lists, searching for the best deal, and trying to work out if you are really willing to pay the extra for a whole box set just to get half the figures or whether to just run smaller units or this or that.

Then there is the excitement of wating for the post.

And then it's..... meh... I have got to paint how much?

And now I need a new case....


Maybe it's the chore of painting that is the let down - not that painting is a chore, I rather like it.

Oh I am a bit annoyed, as I have sold off my vampires and wood elves to finance the Ogres and buy the new rule book - but now I have to wait for a paypal cheque to clear, so I am not going to get the new rules for at least five days after it is released, while I wait for the cheque to clear.

I shouldn't moan really, seeing as we had a new baby a fortnight ago, so perhaps that event might have something to do with my torpor.

Still perhaps things are changing as I glued my giant together, and finished the base coat top coat on the Leadbelchers today, so it might be that Empire fervour is passed and I might get my finger out and get on with stuff.


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