Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Broken Back

So I have finished - well in so far as I have finsihed any of the units...

Ok I have completed stage 1 of 12 Iron Guts.

Which means that the army is practically finished to a stage when I can go and play - all I need to do now is a unit of 6 Bulls, the scrappies, the gnoblars (not sure how many there are because there arer 24 in the box, but I have a load of others that will be split between the scrappy and bulking out the unit), a butcher and 2 gorgers.

Which reminds me....


a blurry Tyrant


the gnoblars....

Yeah yeah - I know - I should work out this blog's columns and set up the pictures properly....

Oh and I should have dug out the camera and took some snaps of the Iron Guts - and of the stuff I want to sell on ebay - but fat chance when you have a toddler and new born tag teaming for mummy's attention.

The problem I find myself with now is that 12 Iron Guts just look the bee's knees, but it means that the list I have been working on is going to have to loose stuff that I really what to keep.


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