Friday, 30 July 2010

Big Names

All week the Mantic blog has been doing a big build up to the announcement about their new ruleset, to complement the expanding figure range.

And so finally we learn who it is that is writing the rules...... Alessio Cavatore.

*Yawn* I can't wait for that - not.


I've been meaning to say how nice it is to hear Scott Steva back podcasting with the Warbanner.. so I will.

I always thought he was great on 40k Radio - he literally made reading the phone book sound interesting. It was a shame that 40k Radio failed to understand the reason for it's success wasn't the drinking and FU attitude but the pleasing combination of personalities - but rather than sift through the ashes of that melt down, let's just focus on the welcome return to broadband airwaves of Scott Steva.


The question I have been mulling over with regard to my Ogres is what sort of army list would I draw up if the book didn't have the restrictions.

For those that don't know, in order to get gnoblars, you have to have bulls, and in order to get scraplaunchers, you have to have gnoblars. And you can't have a slaughtermaster - a level 4 - unless you have a tyrant.

On the plus side it makes the Ogre battalion box excellent value for money.

But the negatives are that these restrictions severely limit the list that can be constructed - not only in terms of figures, but in terms of fluff.

For instance ideally I would like to run four hordes of gnoblars, a death star horde of Iron Guts, three scraplaunchers, big units of leadbelchers, and solo maneaters with pistols but it just isn't possible.

Prior to the 8th edition FAQs the chat on the net was that all the restrictions would be swept away to basically the limitations in the BRB, but for whatever reason it was decided that this shouldn't happen - though one wonders what is going on in the Wizard's Tower in Lenton because Phil Kelly's army that was highlighted on the GW blog and in WD was not possible under the restrictions, which does lead me to hope that the army is being playtested prior to the release of the fabled new book.

Oh and while I think about it, it is rather odd that Ogres are listed as being neutral in terms of allies. Given that currently the only official army that has Ogres is WoC.

I'll leave it there, rather than wishing for a warshrine....


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