Monday, 26 July 2010

Only Cheats Need Apply

Listening to SoCal Radio I have learned a new expression, 'ruining someone's hobby.'

And while I am not in a position yet of having my hobby ruined, I am in a position of agreeing with Jean Paul Satre that 'Hell is other people'.

Now let's be clear I love my BRB, and I am very happy with the way my ogres are coming along, and I am looking forward to playing them - especially as the missus has given me permission to go and play games again after the birth of our recent child - but I am coming to the conclusion that working for GW, and writing for WFB must be about the worst job in the world.

It seems that WFB players boil down into two camps - obsessives and cheats. They are pretty distinct groups though the Venn diagram does cross in the centre to create the competition gamer.

Now I don't know about you but the first thing I didn't do when I got the new rules was to sit down and think, 'what's the stoopidest thing that I can come up with in order to cheat?'

But it seems that is precisely what some people have been up to.

The latest ruse to reach the internut is a 'tactic' of placing cannons behind a unit to give them -2 to hit for being in hard cover. Of course this also gives their target a -2 to hit, for being in hard cover - but because of the way cannons fire this is irrelevant - woopdy-blooming-doo.

Of course there is no point in trying to point out that in reality the cannon would blow up the troops in front, because the response will come back that this is not reality, but a magical universe in which RAW rules.... blah, blah, blah....

More humourously are the people who try and defend this cheating by saying that it works in 40k. And yes it probably does work in 40k, except in 40k ,this gives a cover save to the enemy, so people wouldn't do it because there is a consequence.

On a positive note it has re-ignited my interest in getting on with my 40k army, and have gone so far as digging out my codex and reading it again. Not least because for all my excitement about 8th edition, it does have to be said that 40k is a better rules system - and 8th edition, whilst a massive improvement on 7th, is so badly written that it's going to take months of FAQ's to sort out the game and properly iron out the exploits to make it the well balanced and fun game that it intends to be.


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