Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm Free

So finally the payments I was expecting have cleared in Paypal and I was able to finally order my copy of the 8th edition rule book.

Which you would think would be easy, but it seems that the tome has raised a problem for internet sellers - namely that it it so heavy.

One of the stockists I tried, that had been heavily plugged on a certain popular podcast, informed me that they won't be stocking the book in future because the postage costs had been so high that they had lost money selling it.

Whether this is actual money, or projected profit to cover overheads - if you see what I mean - I'm not sure. But it does rather highlight relating to internet selling - especially now that GW are offering free shipping.

Most of the sellers offer a discount of 10% -20% to get traffic to their site. Which then raises the question of how much to charge for shipping. There are some that have gone down the free shipping route - and they must be doing reasonably well since they appear to be registered for VAT - and others have gone down the path of adding a shipping charge - either fixed or flexible - which anyone who has ever sold stuff on ebay will know is a way of avergaing out the postage and covering the costs of selling.

But when GW is offering free shipping and the actual price paid gets ever closer to the RRP, I do wonder what advantage there is buying from these online stores.

I suppose the obviious is that they offer a wider range of products than GW.

For instance I like Vallejo paint, and Newton and Rowley brushes, so it s handy to get everything in one parcel.


I eventually found the rulebook, and bought it at a £5 discount - so I am happy.

Even if I am now left wondering if the retailer has actually lost money on the deal.


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