Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tyrannies Clash

The 2nd platoon is all but finished for the Russians in the 6mm project.

I am awaiting the order I placed at the weekend with Heroics and Ros, which is mainly German stuff, and in the meantime I plan to work on a few bits and  pieces for the Russians - like snipers, light mortars, MMGs. I am really rather looking forward to getting the forces together and running through the rules. Probably solo to begin with.


I find myself watching the ongoing soap opera of 6th edition with continuing amusement.

One of the strands that of the story that leaves me gasping at the sheer audacity of what is being said, is the way those people who shouted loudest that comp had no play in any game appear to have done a volte face and now not only want comp, but want to change the rules.

They also appear to be having a problem with the whole random thing. Apparently it is absolutely terrible that it is now possible to get a failed charge. It totally ruins the game, apparently, and takes away all the skill, apparently. The irony of this is for years these same people had proposed their scientific theories on list building, min maxing, redundancy etc, surely in all the verbiage surrounding these grand concepts there is something that can used to mitigate the worst excesses of the failed charge? Heck a couple of weeks ago one of the high priests even wrote a blog post on the revolutionary idea of using chaff - being a revolutionary idea it wasn't called chaff, but it was chaff.

Whilst on the subject of the skill factor.

Getting a treble 20 at darts is a skill, knowing the oche is 7' 9 1/4" from the dart board is a a matter of comprehension - much as charges in 5th were a matter of knowing what the rule book says. But then if you are illiterate I suppose reading does seem skillful.

The problem 40k has, that fantasy didn't have with the change to 8th, is the people who poisoned the 40k culture and turned 5th into a rather limited and soulless game do not appear to be jumping ship - in the way that their equivalent's when 8th hit. Which means that 40k runs a very real danger of going down the path of the ETC, where a small group who are so desperate to win - or perhaps not lose - will twist the rules in a desperate effort to remain in control of a game that remains within their narrow parameters of what the game should be.


ps... Nova Open....

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