Monday, 20 August 2012

A Bit of a Pounder

I went down the club for the first time in a few weeks and managed to get in a game.

For technical reasons - I've got a new phone and couldn't get the camera to work - there are no pictures to add to history of the Ogres, and the details will be fairly brief.

In short, I mis-deployed, split my force, lost the initiative and allowed myself to be picked off piecemeal. The Maneaters were still there at the end but everything else was either running or dead. Oddly what did most damage to my army was a Stegadon Ancient, which had I opted for my usual set up with two Ironblasters would have been not quite such a problem, and once that had gone, perhaps the Slaan would have been a little less comfortable on his throne dodging cannonballs.

Still much of my downfall was of my own making.

It seems the club has gone campaign crazy.

First there was a Blood in the Badlands campaign. Then there was a 40k campaign, and now there is talk of a campaign set in Ancient Greece. I have nominally put my name down, as the buy in is only one pack of Victrix Hoplites, the trouble is that I have no idea of when I will get the chance to paint them - or indeed if I do want to paint them at all. There is talk of people being ale to borrow their forces.

Still I don't wish to be negative as this is the sort of thing I would like to see more of.

The Russian 6mm project is coming along nicely - I would have some nice pictures of tanks and lorries to show but my bad luck with technology has continued today. I have roughly half od the Russians done, though I am a little torn as to whether to paint the Germans - so I can get some trial games in with the rules - or to make a start on the command squad for the Imperial Guard - as I have joined the Custodes painting challenge and there seems little point in joining a painting challenge, if you don't get round to actually painting.

Speaking of inspiration, my new phone transfered a load of pictures from my google account, which reminded me that at the start of the year it was the Napoleonic Spanish that were floating my boat, and I really must do something more with them. The trouble is I am stuck on a unit of Victrix infantry - I just find the models so uninspiring - which is partly why I am skeptical as to whether I can stand the idea of painting a unit of their Greeks.


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