Saturday, 25 August 2012

Trial and Error

Wargaming has of late taken a backseat to Airline Manager on Facebook.

I've done bits and pieces of painting, but nothing to justify the description of making progress.

However, the app has given me the necessary excuse to bring up a topic that has been bugging me for ages with regard to gaming in general.

While I was waiting for the flight from Cork to land I went to the the obligatory forums to see if I could find the answer to a minor question I had. And it was no surprise to discover that the forums contained the obligatory guide of how to break the game. And as is the way with these things this guide began with sound advice, i.e. the sort of thing that anybody playing around with the game would find out on their own if they started over tow or three times. Basically the advice was to start with the plane that was the cheapest, fastest, and carried the most passengers - and get a number of them.

What provoked my ire was when I reached the bit of the advice that said 'when you have 150 of these planes'. 150! FFS!

If you are willing to spend several months of your life playing a game, surely it is possible to come up with something more imaginative than just spamming the same plane over and over again?

But more to the point, if you are looking at this advice, in a game that advertises itself as 'Create and Manage Your Own Airline' you would stop yourself and think, 'am I really this dull and boring?' After all, when you decide to play a game in which you run an airline, you surely want 747s, Airbuses, maybe the odd Short Skyvan. I very much doubt you thought, 'I really want 150 Dessault Mercure's' - it is a very good design, it is certainly a useful 'engine' builder, but let's face it there were only 10 of them ever built,

Ok, video games exist is a closed world of arithmatic - so to an extent it is understandable. But this sort of thing really annoys me in the open world of wargaming.


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